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    There are pros and cons to both selling your vehicle, or trading in - it just depends what would work best for you, your budget, and your needs. When you sell your car to a dealership, you want the best deal possible! Both selling and trading-in are great options under the right terms.

    Trading-In Your Vehicle

    A trade-in is when you trade your current vehicle for a newer one - and the amount that you get for your current used vehicle will go towards the car you’re purchasing. Trading in your car to a dealership can definitely be convenient! The Sales Consultants at Freedom Ford can not only help value your vehicle for the trade, but they can also help you get into a new or used vehicle from our lot that would work best for you.

    The first step to trading in a vehicle is visiting a dealership to have the car inspected, they use multiple tools and resources to examine your vehicle and figure out what the value is. When making an offer on your vehicle, dealerships will consider the costs associated with repairing and marketing the vehicle to sell again. An offer from a dealer may be lower than if you were selling your car privately, but the process will be much simpler and stress-free.

    Selling Your Vehicle To a Dealership

    Dealerships have to get their used cars from somewhere, we rely heavily on buying in vehicles to fill our lot! We need inventory, so we are always looking for a variety of vehicles to market to all different types of buyers.

    The process of selling your vehicle to a local dealership is incredibly efficient. We are experts at both buying and selling vehicles, we can guarantee that we will know exactly how to make the entire experience easy and convenient.

    The first thing you want to do when considering selling your car to a dealer is to get a good idea of what it’s worth. Based on your vehicle’s mileage, condition, and equipment, you need to know the value range between the trade-in amount and the retail price. Expect dealers to offer something closer to the trade-in value.


    At Freedom Ford, our team of professionals will walk you through all the necessary steps to selling your vehicle. We promise to help make the experience quick, easy and hassle free!